MagicFest 2017 Gala Show Tickets now on Sale!

Our red carpet event at the Festival Theatre – The MagicFest Gala – is now on sale, alongside Magic School events. Find out more here

2017 Dates Announced!

Thank you all for attending and supporting this years festival. What a week!

Dates for next year – 30th June – 8th July 2017. We hope to see you there.

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Ten things you never thought you’d see at a Magic Festival.

From world leading, and stylistically glittering performances from Korean magicians at our grand Gala show at the Festival Theatre, to the multi-room MagicFair at Summerhall featuring over twenty performances for audiences of 20 to 120, MagicFest 2016 was HUGE and our most successful festival to date.

What we do

It’s about sleight of hand masters who work at the extreme ends of what your senses can handle, creating magic using techniques and skills that were originally used to swindle.
It is mind blowing mentalism; performers that can reach into your mind and know your deepest thoughts,
It’s about forging links between magic other areas such as science and then using magic to help understand the world around us.
It’s about respect for the past masters and bringing moments of wonder into people’s lives when it’s sorely lacking in modern day society

But mainly it’s about us, and how we work. All magic happens in YOUR head.
We want you to be so close to magic you can touch it. That’s why we make MagicFest.

Edinburgh Magic Festival CrowdMagicFest is a new addition to the programme of Edinburgh Festivals  designed to bring back to the stage amazing, live, magic shows, which are rarely available for the general public these days, and let audiences rediscover the seldom experienced states of awe and wonderment.

We continue to look for and develop amazing, magical events and exhibitions.

Click below to find out What’s On at this years Edinburgh International Magic Festival.




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Edinburgh International Magic Festival

Only 100 days until MagicFest starts! Our 2017 programme launches on April 11th and we have LOTS of exciting news to share with you - make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear about it all. Subscribe at ... See MoreSee Less

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Edinburgh International Magic Festival

** Mother's Day Competition ** To celebrate all the magic Mums out there, we're giving away a pair of tickets to this year's MagicFest Gala - the spectacular finale show to MagicFest 2017 at the Festival Theatre on Saturday 8th July. To WIN this magical day out with your Mum, simply like and share this post before Thursday 23rd March. — Products shown: MagicFest Gala 2017 Tickets . ... See MoreSee Less

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Amy Jane BeckettLove my mum she always makes me laugh Funniest was last mothers day we went to a film premiere. The film was amazing my mum was really enjoying it until the tiredness hit her and she kept nodding off on to the mans shoulder next to her. At the end of the film it was announced there would be a Q&A with the directors and lead actor. A second later the 3 people beside us and start walking to the front. Proper cringe moment June Beckett1   ·  3 days ago

Edinburgh International Magic FestivalCongratulations to Katee Frances who has won a pair of tickets to the MagicFest Gala show! Thanks to everyone who entered - if you didn't win, you can still treat Mum to tickets to the MagicFest Gala by booking online at   ·  1 day ago

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Edinburgh International Magic Festival

We've been working very hard over the last two months to put together a programme that we think you will love. Historical and intriguing venues, internationally acclaimed performers, amazing moments, all with your watching live as real people do impossible things. And 'live' is the important bit. Most of us have seen tv magicians and been amazing. But being inches away from the action is what makes this different. Lush. And a bit scary. If you haven't seen live magic before then do it this year. We're just a few weeks from programme launch now and it's an exciting and vulnerable time for us as we put our vision out to you for judgement. We really hope you like it. There's nothing like MagicFest anywhere else in the world and we're proud and lucky to present it here in Edinburgh. The countdown to launch is now on. Watch. This. Space. ... See MoreSee Less

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