About Us

“The best magicians in the world, in the world’s most magical city.”

Edinburgh International Magic Festival is an annual arts festival that celebrates magic. Founded in 2010, MagicFest produces the UK’s largest magic event, has consulted for the National Theatre of Scotland, broken a Guinness World Record and produced events at the Globe Theatre in London.

Every year MagicFest attracts over 12,000 people at 80 different events across the city from free installations to the world-class Gala show at the Festival Theatre. MagicFest is leading the charge in the newly developing market of Magic Festivals appearing around the world, and aims to be the world leader in programming and producing innovative, cutting edge magic.


Our mission is to promote magic as an art form, to provide a platform for the Scottish artists’ development and to attract a wider range of people into the arts.

We aim to take the art of magic to new places and new audiences as it is not only a tool for entertainment but also for engagements and communication between individuals and communities. We see Magic as the Art of the Impossible; it shows the world in a wonderfully diverse way and challenges our audiences to see things differently, inspires them and triggers their imagination.


Kevin Quantum (AKA McMahon)
Founder and creative spine of the Festival.
Magician, Producer, Member of “The Magic Circle” AIMC with Silver Star

Svetlana McMahon (nee Shevchenko)
Co-founder, Festival’s engine and strategist
Theatre and Events producer based in Edinburgh

Charline Roth Administrator & Volunteer Co-ordinator

Kaitlyn Morgan Administrative Assistant

Alison Reid Stage Manager & Production Manager

Ian Black Production Assistant & Technician

Lanyard Media Digital Marketing

Storytelling PR Press Office and PR


John Archer: BAFTA award-winning magician
Jamie Harrison: Artistic director of ‘Vox Motus’, one of Scotland’s leading theatre companies
Gavin Oattes: ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. Owner of ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Motivation Training Company
Dr Ivana Rihova: Tourism Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University
Carol Taylor: Formerly of Arts and Business Scotland and Diageo
Judith Wilson: Event Manager and Consultant. Owner of JMD Events
R Paul Wilson: Magic Consultant, Creator and Star of BBC’s ‘The Real Hustle’


Ian Black, Sam Weston and our whole amazing volunteer team who really do make this event the most awesome magic festival in the world.