MagicFest Gala: FAST & FURIOUS

  • MagicFest Gala

  • Magus Utopia

  • Kevin Quantum

  • James Freedman

  • Jav Jarquin

  • Tom Crosbie

  • MC Hammersmith

Event Details

Date  Fri 18, Sat 19 May

Time  2.30pm (only 19 May), 7.30pm

Venue The Royal Lyceum Theatre

Duration  2hr 15mins with interval

Ages  5+

Price  £24 – £33

Booking fee – included in price

Fasten your seatbelt, pull your visor down and enjoy a breath-taking mix of illusion, mind-reading, theatrical pickpocketing, comedy and deft sleight-of-hand from a selection of the world’s best magic and variety acts.

Extreme precision, impeccable timing and astonishing speed – you will not believe what you’re seeing.


World Magic Champions present their award-winning act –  a fantastical spectacle of mesmerising illusions and futuristic special effects. 21st-century adrenaline entertainment that stuns the audience with an exciting story. A nightmarish adventure told with an overwhelming blend of fast-paced illusions, cinematic music, swirling choreography, breath-taking visual art and eye-catching costumes.


The Guinness World Record Breaker, magician and scientist returns to host the Gala, welcoming an array of acts renowned for their swift pace, in order to examine the question: is the hand really faster than the eye? His findings are rapidly presented on stage – with your help. Blink and you’ll miss it.

‘part science, part magic, part comedy & all genius’ – Cream Magazine


Dubbed ‘The Man of Steal’, James Freedman is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best pickpocket entertainers. No wonder then that his hands have been insured for £1 million. His act features real techniques used by fraudsters and street pickpockets, but don’t worry… he gives it all back!

‘The world’s number one pickpocket’ – Time Out


WARNING: This act contains Ninjas, not Magic. Javier Jarquin brings highenergy and laughs to CARD NINJA, the award winning act. Following his journey from mild mannered card player to silent assassin, this amazing act is for anyone who’s ever wanted to be a little bit Ninjaaaa!


MC Hammersmith is the world’s leading freestyle improvisational comedian/rapper to ever emerge from the ghetto of middle class white west London. He raps entirely improvised hip hop songs based on your suggestions.


What if your superpowers were setting Rubik’s cube records, lightning fast mathematics and memory skills?  Join Tom on the scenic route to self-improvement, as he masters the talents nobody knew he needed.

‘Like taking Wikipedia to the pub for a pint and for a laugh’ – Fringe Guru