Vincent Gambini: The Chore of Enchantment

Event Details

Date   1st – 27th August (not 13, 20)

Time   5.45pm

Venue   Underbelly, Bristo Square – The Dairy Room

Price   from £7.80

Duration   60min

Age   14+ (guideline)

The world is in turmoil. Can magic provide the much-needed solace for these difficult times? Vincent Gambini is not so sure. Disillusioned by global news events, struggling with “magician’s block”, Gambini unveils the hidden difficulties of being a conjurer. Combining deadpan reflections with jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand magic, this new show plays expertly with our understandings of deception, artifice and theatrical make-believe.

‘Takes apart the clockwork mechanics of wonder in ingenious style’ ****
Fest Mag